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“Brilliant ways of bringing the Laws of Physics out of the classroom and showing how to apply them in our daily lives.” ~ Lisa K.Y. Wong

“Life doesn’t just happen. It’s all physics. This is the roadmap!” ~ Sue Lo

“These metaphors can be game-changers in winning the game of life and in helping others achieve their dreams”. ~ Faruk Gűnes

• Are you looking for an innovative approach to life coaching?

• Have you already noticed a variety of Physics terms like Leverage, Focus, Momentum, Energy, or – the Quantum, commonly used in life coaching lingo?

Coaching is the art and skill of helping people achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. And physics is the queen of sciences when it comes to describing, explaining, and predicting how our world works. “Physics Secrets For Life Coaching” blends both fields and turns the laws of Physics into actionable coaching metaphors for yourself and your clients. It is your Physics guide for supporting your hero’s quest to fulfillment, health, and success.

In Physics For Coaching, you will find:

• simple explanations of Physics concepts in plain English

• beautiful illustrations and images to visually expand each metaphor

• inspirational quotes from coaches and scientists on all topics

• thought-provoking questions to reframe old perspectives and take new actions

• and much more …

Take the journey!

Transform your reality by leveraging the power of the laws of Nature!


Bilješka o autoru:

Dr. Zdeslav Hrepic or dr. “Z” is a physics professor, education researcher, and certified life coach. His physics teaching experience spans more than 20 years, from middle school to graduate level. He created “The Physics Way” as a result of a passionate search for the common grounds between the laws of Nature, time-tested spiritual principles, and practical coaching strategies.

Zdeslav enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter, being outdoors, playing guitar, singing, and sharing physics principles of success as a professor, speaker, and life coach.

Ključne riječi: Physics, personal developement, hero's journey, natural laws, personal success


E-mail: Dr. Zdeslav Hrepić


Autor: Dr. Zdeslav Hrepić
Broj stranica: 214
Nakladnik: Vlastita naklada
Godina izdanja: 2022.
ISBN: 979-8-88896-967-0
Tisak: digitalni tisak knjiga - print na zahtjev


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