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SURE CURE, T. A. Marra

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Manufacturer Redak

Sažetak: Summary

After getting fired, Lada starts working for Azra. Azra owns a mobile library and is just getting ready to renovate her little traveling facility. Filip is a carpenter who will help her in this endeavor, and then there are also her two brothers; the serious Zoran and the charming Ozren.

It’s obvious that Filip is attracted to Azra, but falling in love is out of the question for her. It’s also obvious that Ozren has a crush on Lada, but she has no intention of opening her heart, especially if it means messing around with her boss’s brother.

Can Azra find a way to make peace with the unpredictable and unplanned? Can Lada regain faith in herself? Will both experience a love like those they read about in romance novels or something completely different? Two friends, one mobile library, lots of adventures.

Sure Cure is a romance novel with different interweaving life stories and romantic twists and turns. It explores family relationships and misunderstandings, the notion of tenderness and various tumultuous events. It’s a day-to-day story told in a humorous, relatable, affectionate and romantic way.


Bilješka o autoru: About the Author

T. A. Marra is a fan of mathematics, as well as the study of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. Although she may not have become Superman, which is what she wanted when she was little, she does have a superpower, and that is listening (at least so they say). She has written poems, short fairy tales and stories since high school, and has so far published a stand-alone collection of poems. This is her first novel. Just like her characters, she too believes that the impossible is possible, and just like them, she has ideas that seem great in her head, but when it’s time to put them into practice, very often something goes in the wrong direction. She likes rock and rock and roll, loves to dance and drink beer with Friends (with a capital F). When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing, love, people, music, and parallel worlds. She also reads about all those things.

Ključne riječi: red camper trailer, mobile library, family relationships and misunderstanding, music love, tender love story, yearning for love, miscarriage

Link: Facebook – T. A. Marra & Books

Instagram - t.a.marra_books

E-mail: T. A. Marra 


Naslov: Sure Cure
Autorica: T. A. Marra
Broj stranica: 240
Nakladnik: REDAK
Godina izdanja: 2021.
ISBN: 978-953-336-802-3
Tisak: digitalni tisak knjiga - print na zahtjev


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