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Smigulin is a male sex cell, a sperm that one night sets off on a great adventure, on the way towards its birth. On that way, his “cosmic” aunts Deena and Reena meticulously watch over him, striving to ensure that he grows up with all the features of the mankind he belongs to. Smigulin, apart from his aunts, meets his mother and his father. Smigulin is not just a cell bundle (embryo, fetus), he is a child from the very beginning, a child that rejoices over life, which is afraid of death, which loves its aunts and its parents. He has a name, and he is A PERSON. Smigulin is one of a million, just like you, he and she, my dear readers, who hurried along the same way to get to the target and – were born. He is your second self. This book makes it possible for you to get to know yourselves!

Bilješka o autorici:

Mirjana Hercigonja-Saucha was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she completed high school Classical Gymnasium (Klasična gimnazija) and earned a degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb.She is a specialist in internal medicine and a subspecialist in nephrology.She has been cooperating with children’s magazines since the school days, and since later with daily and weekly papers. During year 1989, Mirjana Hercigonja-Saucha, under pseudonym “Herca”, published weekly humorous stories Santa-Barbarists or Roki from Tuškanac. Several of her stories broadcasted on the Croatian Radio show Good Night Stories. The story Salt in plums was selected for the Evening Daily Anthology of the Short Stories by Female Writers, published between 1964 and 2004. In 1989, she published a collection of poems Diary of one Love. In 2005, she received one of the prizes in the love poetry recital..The book Smigulin or The Story of Your and My Birth, which talks about the journey of one sperm cell by the name Smigulin from fertilization till its birth, published by „Školska knjiga“, 2002 edition. With the story Salt in plums she has been included since 2009 in the encyclopedia Since the Dezmans’ Days till Today.In 2016, she published The book : When the Tangerines Grew in the Neighbour’s Garden. In 2017, she published The book: Salt in plums

Ključne riječi: A human embryo by the name Smigulin, Love,Conception, DNA and RNA substances, Delivery

Naslov: Smigulin The Story of Your and My Birth
Autorica: Mirjana Hercigonja - Saucha
Broj stranica: 88
Nakladnik: REDAK
Godina izdanja: 2018.
ISBN: 978-953-336-466-7
Tisak: digitalni tisak knjiga - print na zahtjev 

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